10 Mins (Preparation )

10 second read: The addition of garlic gives it a different dimension. This pickle has great digestive properties as well

Final preparation

Cut up the mangoes into medium sized cubes. Warm the oil for a few minutes on a slow heat. Add the spices to the cut up mango and mix well. Place inside a glass jar. Add the warm oil (enough to cover the entire mix) and let it cool down . Leave it to cook under natural sunlight for a couple of weeks.

Chef's tip

Cut even sized cubes of the mangoes. Another style of doing it would be if you peel the mangos before pickling them. It takes a lot lesser time to make as well.

Ingredient Checklist:

2kg Raw Mango
500 gms (optional) Garlic (peeled)
250gms Fennel seeds (saunf)
100 gms Methi seeds
10 to 15 grams Kalaunji
125 to 150 gms Red chilly powder
100 gms Haldi
1 tsp Hing
100gms Dhaniya jeera powder
Enough to cover the entire mix Mustard oil
300 gms Salt