4 – 6 pax

    20 minutes (Preparation )

10 second read: an alternative to the carrots version, as carrots are not be available throughout the year. This option is much lighter in flavor as well.

Final preparation 

a) In a pan, heat up the ghee and add the doodhi and stir for a few minutes.

b) Add the milk and cook for at least half an hour.

c) Add the sugar, cardamom. Cook for a few minutes and add half the almond slivers.

d) Mix well. Garnish with the rest of the almond slivers.

Chef's tip

This halwa does not take too much time to make. The Doodhi can be squeezed in a muslin cloth before cooking, which will help reduce the time taken to cook this dish even further.

Ingredient Checklist:

500gms Grated Doodhi (lauki)
4 tbsp Sugar
500 ml Full fat milk
½ tsp Cardamom powder
8 to 10 pieces Almond (roasted and cut into slivers)