4 pax

    20 minutes (Preparation )

10 second read: Popular dish enjoyed in Rajasthan and Gujarat where it’s called “Sev Tamata nu shaak”

Final preparation 

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the hing and the jeera and let it crackle. Add the red chilly powder and roast for half a minute. Add the green chilly, tomatoes and the salt. Cook for 7 to 8 minutes. Add the ganthiya and mix well and serve immediately. Don’t mix the ganthiya in advance as it will go soggy very quickly. Do it just before service.

Garnish with the ganthiya and fresh coriander.

Chef's tip

Use thicker gathiya, else the subzi tends to become a lumpy mess.

Ingredient Checklist:

3 to 4 nos Tomatoes (chopped)
2 nos Green chilly (chopped)
A pinch Hing
1 tsp Jeera
2 tbsp Oil
To taste Salt
½ tsp Red chilly powder
100 gms (preserve some for garnish) Ganthiya (thick)
2 tsp Green coriander