10 wadas

    45 minutes (Preparation )

10 second read: A classic snack from the hinterland, a mirchi wada is a dish you are bound to fall in love with. Inventive and innovative, it is in essence a fried bread sandwich made with the “mirchi wada” in the centre.

  • For the chilly
    1. a) Slit the chilly on one side, apply salt and dip in piping hot oil for a minute. Remove and place on a kitchen paper. (If you like it really spicy, then let go of this step and simply cut the chilly and apply a little salt to season)
    • For the filling
      1. a) Heat the oil in a frying pan
      2. b) Add the dry spices and roast for a minute
      3. c) Add the potatoes and mix thoroughly
      4. d) Mix the fresh coriander
      5. e) Let it cool down for a few minutes
      6. f) Divide it into 10 equal parts
      • For the batter
        1. a) Add chilled water and whisk to remove the lumps
        2. b) Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl
        3. c) Keep it medium thick
      • Final preparation
        1. a) Cover the chilly with the potato mix
        2. b) Dip in the batter and deep fry for 2 to 3 minutes
        3. c) Remove on a kitchen towel and fry again just before serving
        4. d) Serve with green chutney and imli chutney
Chef's tip

Few recipes use a stuffed chilly as well as a mirchi wada. By getting an extra filling on the chilly, the concentration of flavor is much higher and the wada, even tastier!

Ingredient Checklist:


10 nos Fat green chillies
1 tsp Salt
To fry Oil

Potato mix

4 to 5 (medium sized) Boiled potatoes
1 heaped tsp Red chilly powder
2 tsp Dhaniya seeds (roasted)
To taste Salt
½ bundle Fresh coriander leaves
½ tsp Haldi
½ tsp Garam masala powder
1 tbsp Oil


100 gms Besan (chick pea flour)
¼ tsp Red chilli powder
¼ tsp Ajwain
To taste Salt
As per usage Chilled water